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“No one drifts to success” she said… Dr. Mamie Parker was nothing but inspirational and motivating as she left the audience with many words of wisdom. She encouraged them to visualize success, and that pain is temporary but quitting is forever, so continue rowing the boat that they are in; keep going and growing because their finest day is yet unknown. Mamie Parker encouraged them to empower themselves and know that sometimes our opportunities are delayed but it’s not denied and so we all struggle but every flower must grow though dirt.”   -Michigan State University seminar review by Denecia K. Mitchell


“Thursday’s lunch was emotionally punctuated by a stirring talk given by Dr. Mamie Parker, a retired Assistant Director with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Mamie recounted the many ways that her mother’s wisdom guided her career as the first African American woman to advance to Assistant Director in the Service’s history. Despite the numerous barriers, Mamie repeatedly drew from her inner strength to demonstrate what leadership means.” -

2013 Lakes Convention Recap by Becca Jordon


“Parker encouraged graduates to avoid, what she terms, the four cancers of life: criticizing, complaining, negatively competing and comparing. Parker, who was the first African-American to serve as the FWS Regional Director, detailed her story of success, which included various ups and downs.  "You, graduates, are certainly braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think," she said.” -Holly Shok, Journal Staff Writer


"Parker’s rousing speech focused on “radical collaboration,” a phrase she used to describe what successful people and organizations do in today’s ever-changing environment."  -National Widlife Refuge Association The Flyer E-Newsletter: July 2014


"Mamie Parker, former Assistant Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, riveted a student audience at Ben Franklin High School at Mason Cove in Baltimore MD on February 6, 2014. She recapped the many hardships she endured while growing up but emphasized she did not let them block her from working for what she loved most; wildlife and the environment."  -U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Field Notes Northeast Region, February 2014


"Friends also heard an inspirational talk from Mamie Parker, retired U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Assistant Director for Fisheries and Habitat Conservation. Parker spoke of “radical collaboration” that steers clear of criticizing, complaining, competing and comparing."  - National Wildlife Refuge System Friends Forward, August 2014

Dr. Mamie Parker, retired Assistant Director of the Fish and Wildlife Service (the first African- American woman in that position), was a plenary speaker who got a sustained ovation equaled only by Secretary Jewell’s. “For many years,” Dr. Parker said, “we’ve been stuck, stalled, and scared of non-traditional partnerships. Fear has kept us from reaching out to people who want to feel respected, to know that they’re a valued member of the team.” (Expanding Horizons, Highlights from the National Workshop on Large Landscape Conservation, October 2014).

An NPR listener in July 2015:

“I just want to say that I found what she had to say incredibly inspiring. I have been thinking about getting a masters in architecture, but I was intimidated by all of the math and physics that I would have to do and by how few women are in most programs. Hearing Dr. Parker talk about her strength and perseverance made me feel like I could do it. It meant a great deal to me.  Thank you for being so brave and committed to your goals.”